The main Results of WorkingThrough project include the WorkingThrough curriculum, the training materials for training the trainers to apply WorkingThrough to people with Autism, the VR application and the Best Practice Guide.  

WorkingThrough curriculum

The curriculum is split in two parts which correspond to 2 different but interacting target groups: 

  • professionals, already working with individuals with autism on how to use the project results
  • individuals with autism on how to better integrate society and the labour market through the innovative methods of the programme. 

Download English Version here

Training materials (for professionals)

Introductory Modules

  • IM1_Autism
  • IM2_AppBehAnalysis
  • IM3_VRChallenges
  • IM4_DeliveryMethodology
  • ΙΜ5 _DataCollection

Target Skill Modules

  • M1_Initiating Conversation
  • M2_Emotion Recognition
  • M3_MeetingStrangers
  • M4_Negotiating with a salesman
  • M5_Job Interview
  • M6_Working with coworkers and managing conflict

Contact us for sending you the aforementioned materials. 

VR application

The VR application is a tool for professionals to help people with Autism to develop skill for finding and maintaining a job position.  

You can download the application from here. Requires Oculus Rift S VR headsets. 

Best Practice Guide

The guide contains the project group’s learnings and can support others that want to replicate a similar project.

The guide is divided into five chapters, each guiding and informing the reader on how to access this type of learning technology. The five chapters are the following:

  • Introduction
  • Output and timetable
  • Guide and replication
  • Results of pilot training
  • Perspectives and visions

Download English Version here.



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