HABILIS (private) is a an organization specializing in the treatment of children, adolescents and young adults with special educational and mental health needs. Our center serves children and adolescents with a range of developmental and sensory deficits as well as mental health difficulties. We provide speech therapy, psychiatric, occupational therapy, educational remediation and counseling to individuals with special needs and their families. Our experience places us at the center of an ecosystem of agencies and services with the individual at its center providing an integrated model of service delivery. Habilis is also mindful of technological innovations that may be used to assist our clients in dealing with everyday problems and has been very active in assisting technology companies in providing services and products to special needs populations.


Founded in 1985, Omega Technology is an experienced and well known IT provider company in Greece. The Company serves Greek public bodies, enterprises and other organizations with technology and services made possible by its 34 years of experience. Its solutions include e-learning, virtual reality applications, assisted living solutions, tailor-made applications for people with disabilities, as well as e-commerce applications, document and knowledge management systems. The company is also offering a broad range of management and services including consulting, research and development, digitization, annotation and preservation of content, hardware supply and technical support. The company’s research department is active in the R&D arena, in close cooperation with Academia and Research Institutes, running several R&D projects and market validation projects.


The National University of Ireland (NUI), Galway is the largest and oldest university based in the west of Ireland, employing in excess of 2,000 staff with a 17,000 strong student population. NUIG is the home of the Irish Centre for Autism and Neurodevelomental Disabilities (ICAN), which is a centre of excellence dedicated to the generation and dissemination of research, which aims to improve the lives of individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorders. The centre focuses on intervention-based research, which addresses the core skills deficits and co-morbidity issues in children with ASD. Furthermore, the Behaviour Analysis Research Clinic (ABRC) within the School of Psychology have significant expertise in the area of Behaviour Analysis in the development of interventions to both initiate and maintain socially significant behaviours. NUI Galway has particular expertise in the state-of-the-art methodologies used to conduct randomised controlled trials within applied community settings.


M.M.C Management Center Ltd has been founded in 2002 and provides training courses for Adult Learning and for VET. The training department uses specialised tools for the implementation of training needs analysis of different target groups as well as for the evaluation of the training results. Additionally, MMC uses specialised assessment tools developed by its research team. MMC has developed its own e-learning platforms for the development of key competences as well as for language learning. Additionally modern ICT and other methodological tools are often used during trainings. MMC has a vast experience in coordination of projects as it has already coordinated very big projects such as EQUAL, Leonardo DOI, Leonardo TOI and Key activity which proves that is can successfully coordinate this consortium also. Through its participation in several European projects MMC has participated in several transnational meetings and events, therefore its staff has developed its intercultural awareness and is able to work effectively in a European environment.


The Cyprus Certification Company (CCC) is a Government-owned Certification Organization founded in 2001 and operating as a private company with the Government being its only shareholder. It is managed by a 7-member Board, which comprises of representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Energy, Commerce, Industry and Tourism as well as from organizations of the private sector such as the Cyprus Employers and Industrialist Federation, the Chamber of Commerce and Industry, the Technical Chamber, the Academia and the Consumers Association. CCC operates in the field of certification of management systems, certification of training programs and training and exam centers, inspection of playgrounds and playground equipment, inspection of lifts, product certification, CE marking etc. CCC also operates a training center approved by the relevant government body (the Human Resource Development Authority - HRDA) and provides training in relevant to its services subjects, and also in specialized areas as those arise from the industry’s needs.


Specialisterne Foundation is a Danish foundation with a non-profit charity purpose. The ethos of the Foundation is to respect and accommodate people with Autism as worthy and valuable citizens. The objective of the Foundation is to enable people with autism to achieve a meaningful and productive working life to the benefit of the individual, society and the business sector on a global basis. People with Autism are defined as people who possess talents that are potentially useful in business life, but, as a result of pervasive developmental disorders and/or related mental and behavioural disorders, are socially isolated due to lack of understanding and support in their actual environment.




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